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The top 10 best renovation ideas

When renovating your commercial property, you want to choose ideas that make good financial sense, but also help you to enjoy your home more than ever before. Our three best renovation ideas will help to make the decision easier. See property surveyors.

Domestic House Demolitions in SydneyDesign, build and extension management

The simple addition of new working space often calls for a good investment as it can increase the value of the property. However, adding extra space often requires a lot of work, but the benefits certainly out-weigh them.

The demolition of exterior and interior walls, new foundations, roof and windows are all required to ensure that it runs smoothly and looks valuable. It is important that the new space planned is big enough so it can be efficiently used as well as produced. If you are a office owner in Sydney looking for demolition services, we recommend A.N.A Demolition, operating in local areas such as Hornsby and Ryde.

When renovating your property, it would be really important to consider having plumbing services or updates in order to check that everything is fine and there are no problems. You may want to look at services which are reliable and accessible.


Many people are now opting for rubber as their roofing material of choice. This is for a number of reasons why EPDM rubber is the best material for flat roofing. How much does it cost to replace a rubber roof?

Some benefits include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • recyclable, environmentally friendly material
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Hardwearing
  • Durable
  • Insulating

A new extension comes with a new roof. With most one storey extensions a flat roof is normally the best option. The company that you choose to install your extension will often hire another company to ensure that all roofing structure is sound.

Make sure your office is in tip-top shape

Ensuring your office is clean, tidy and hygienic means your employees can work efficiently and it also reduces the risk of staff becoming ill as fewer bacteria are present.

This will also save you time and money. Not having an office cleaning service means employees have to take time away from doing their work in order to clean the area, which may also result in employees feeling underwhelmed and dissatisfied with where their careers are going.

Leaving the cleaning to the professionals is what’s best. Find out about office cleaners in the South London area.

How to make a good first impression

The first impression of any property is the outside and if this doesn’t live up to expectations it is much harder to sell in the future. However, improving the curb appeal can be affordable and easy to do. Check out building work.

Many people are put off by the overgrowth of bushes, trees and weeds. Think about clearing these bits up and planting some stunning flowers and maintaining them. Another low-cost improvement is to repaint the outside. Go for modern colour, but that’s not too bold, also choose a paint that is suitable in all weathers. Read more: Best Exterior House Colour Schemes.

Updating your old windows and doors is slightly expensive compared to paint, but new windows will definitely impress potential buyers. Consider this step before selling and see if the increased value is worth it. See more.