B2 Crosland Road Industrial Estate, Netherton
Huddersfield, HD4 7DQ

The success story of A.W Construction

Our core business is to provide property owners with high quality advice regarding domestic and commercial construction services.  With our team’s technical expertise and in house design capabilities we are able to help you in regards to property maintenance and construction. See: Domestic Building.

Our methods combine state-of-the art modern production techniques and traditional technical skills to achieve the consistent high quality of our excellent construction services.

Advertising campaigns that will increase your business reach

Exterion Media UK OOH AdvertisingOver the past 5 years, the team at A.W Construction has continued to grow, the same as the growth in our company. We have worked closely with Exterion Media to help promote our business and generate awareness to our brand.

Exterion Media helped us to create a campaign that would reach our target audience by choosing various forms of out of home advertising in busy public places including Manchester city centre. Our campaign was designed specifically for our audience as it would attract pedestrians who were travelling to work, home or even out shopping.

The team has helped us to create an advertisement that pushes the boundaries and would create a unique and memorable moment for potential consumers. Learn more about reaching an audience through Exterion Media, click here.

Strategies that improved our sales

To identify strategies that would work along our company, we required the help of Entourage. They helped us to devise a business initiative that targets the needs of our business and where we require the most help. This has helped us to build relationships in our market. Find out more.

For our advertising campaign to be so successful, we had to answer a few questions that would help to identify who our customers were so we could address them in our advertisements.

Who was our most likely customer that would buy our product/service?

  • How old are they?
  • What gender are they?
  • How would our service benefit them?
  • What do they want from our service?


This helped us to define our advantage against competitors and decide a clear and concise reason why our service was advantageous compared to others. It also meant that we could focus on these points in our business to help us at A.W Construction grow.