Custom Construction & Engineering Projects

Here at A.W Construction the team can advise and help on all things to do with your property whether that be commercial or domestic. The purpose of this page is to provide you with solutions and trusted trades people who can assist you with more complex and one of builds.

Bespoke Commercial Projects

We often get many business owners in Huddersfield asking our advice on construction projects that have never been carried out before in the UK and sometimes we can only help so much. At A.W Construction we want to provide our customers with the very best solutions that meet those criteria even if it means they work with a different provider or supplier.

Latest Unique Engineering Projects

Luxury hotel cosmetic detailing

An architect that we have worked with for a number of years came to us with a concept which we could only advise on and recommend a trusted supplier to. The idea was to revamp an old hotel into a fresh and modern get-away without any drastic changes.

We recommended GRP and fibre glass specialists, Stuart Pease. They are expert is cosmetic detailing and will have no trouble in providing their expertise and design skills to transport an older looking hotel into a modern retreat.

Commercial home renovation

The majority of unique projects that we receive come in large scales from project managers and business owners but we do occasionally work with the public with their domestic projects.

As with any construction based business we come across customers who want work done to their homes and for many of these clients we can help. For large, bespoke home with intricate features we recommend Houzz, click here for more.