How To Choose The Right Saw Blade

The following information will help you purchase the correct saw blade for your machine and the materials that you are cutting. However, if you need further advice, we are only a phone call/email away and happy to help.

HOOK/RAKE The steeper the hook angle the more aggressive the cut – i.e. it bites into the material more. Wood cutting on portable and table saws typically requires a positive hook. Negative hook gives resistance to feed so will not climb into the cut, this avoids ‘grabbing’. Ideal for cutting using chopsaws and radial arm machines for crosscutting.
TRIPLE CHIP or TRAPEZOIDAL (TC) blades are good for cutting plastics. When combined with a negative hook they can be used for aluminum cutting and other non-ferrous metals. For panel sawing, the positive hook helps to obtain a high quality finish.


The correct cutting speed is important for efficient and clean saw cuts. The peripheral speed of a circular saw blade is dependent on the blade diameter.